Natural extract from shrimp shell processing sub chitosan into shorter pieces. Can be quickly absorbed into plant tissue The plant helps stimulate the immune system, making the plants resistant to disease and pests, accelerate growth. I root expansion


Chitosan MT allows plants to uptake nutrients very early blooming flower stalks long pole cohesive strength fruitful results taste good, pretty big.

Chitosan MT enables plants healthy crop yield consistent growth in each generation. Can be harvested simultaneously And harvest faster


Chitosan MT can be mixed at a rate of 5 ml. Per 20 liters of water, stir well and spray a thin profile frayed around the plant. Both the leaves and the leaves During the early morning or evening sun light 3-5 times per day between 7-15 times.


This specific active substances Should not be mixed with other substances sprayed simultaneously. This should test the concentration and frequency of spraying appropriate for each plant. The first spraying Crinkled leaves rough, uneven surface. Plants that are stimulated too much. To reduce the concentration to half of its original use. And if sprayed twice to show the same symptoms again. It extends the range of the spray away from the original space.

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