Microbial inoculum TRIPTOPHAJ-TM consists fungus Beauveria bassiana spp., And Metarhizium anisopliae spp., The microbial species in Thailand. Used to prevent and eliminate pests such as aphids, thrips flour, thrips, mites red, Drosophila leg, the planthoppers, aphids cicada, stem borers, leaf, insect, Lion, insects for hunting, flea beetle, vegetables, whole. the young and the old.


Procedures for destruction of TRIPTOPHAJ-TM is inserted into the soft tissue or fluid in the aphids or worms. And the fiber growth is outside, ready to spread on, spores are white. On pesticide exposure is sick for 3 days and stop destroying insects and plants will die within 5-14 days.
How to use
1. Mixed Moistureplant-Tm. Substances (surfactants) 10-20 cc of water in 20 liters of water and stir into the water.
2. A microbial inoculum TRIPTOPHAJ-TM 60 g (3 tablespoons curry) in 20 liters of water to fill Moistureplant-Tm. Substances (surfactants) and then mixing them together.
3. Taken to spray in the evening. Saturated by soaking the leaves of a plant stem or root, even jets grounded.
4. Duration of spraying. If severe insect infestations and sprayed 3 days per time, 2-3 times in succession, if the outbreak is severe, spray 5-7 days / times.

1. Want to get rid of worms effectively. Should be used in conjunction with BioBT-TM.
2. A microbial inoculum TRIPTOPHAJ-TM should be used in conjunction with BS Plaikaew-TM.
3. A microbial inoculum should TRIPTOPHAJ. -TM to spray on the leaves of mulberry silk.
4. Should spray the plant to spread. Or spread a little. To break the cycle of insect pests prevent the outbreak of violence in the future.
5. Should be sprayed insect pests. Will result in better performance effectiveness

Additional information
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