Products from microorganisms, opposing the fungus Trichoderma -TM together have been selected to be highly effective in preventing disease, an important crop in Thailand, such as root rot and mold caused by Phytopthora (Phytopthora spp). stalk rot disease in cucurbits collapse death caused by Pythium (Pythium spp) Fusarium (Fusarium spp.).


The products Antagonistic the fungus called Trichoderma (Trichoderma spp) were selected from nature. That is highly effective in the prevention and eradication of plant diseases caused by fungi important in diseases such as root rot, rot, rot of fruit, pepper, citrus, lemon, papaya, pineapple and rubber. That caused. Fungal Phytopthora (Phytophthora spp), dare rot disease collapsed dead in cucurbits, tomatoes, papaya, beans, chili, vegetables and flowers. Caused by the fungus Pythium (Pythium spp), Rhizogtonia (Rhizogtonia spp), and Sclerotium (Sclerotium spp.).
How to use and utilization.
Using Trichoderma -TM 1 part compost or manure mixed with 50 parts mixture and mix well, before using it. The bottom hole before planting or sprinkle lightly. Cover crop area using every 1-2 months.

• Fruit trees such as durian, mango, orange, lemon pepper, litchi, longan, Sentul, etc., using Trichoderma -TM rate of 50-100 grams of mixed cultures mix, sprinkle a thin covering an area of 1-2 square meters, the base of the bush.

• Plant vegetables and crops such as cabbage, kale, cabbage, celery, onions, garlic, peppers, cucurbits crops, cotton and so on. Use Trichoderma. -TM Mix at a rate of 15 kg per 400 square meters of arable land by sprinkling a thin cover crops.

• flowering and ornamental plants such as Striptease Sian Roses, Bon-colored gerbera, marigold, jasmine needle Member Zinnia bougainvillea etc. Mixed use rate of 15 kilograms per 400 square meters of arable land by sprinkling a thin cover crops. Or Trichoderma -TM mix at a rate of 10-20 grams Mixed sprinkle trees in pots.

Mixed with plant material or soil for the seedlings to move kindergarten. Using Trichoderma -TM mix one part (Trichoderma -TM 1 mix with compost or manure 50 parts) plant material or soil mixed with two parts.

Additional information
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