Tiger Herb (TIGER HERB)


Tiger Herb (TIGER HERB).
Grinding powder Made from Creat turmeric and lavender spray for protection. The eggs of insects Coating to change the flavor of the main plant for cod and reduce the interference of the mother moth. The adult beetles eat the leaves. Or sap sucking insects were made to reduce losses from the infestation of pests.



Tigers take 1-2 tablespoons curry Herb rate per 20 liters of water, stirring to distribute the conductor to spray around trees, leaves both the top and underside of the leaves, soaking wet. During the evening sun light


Frequency of use is generally 2-3 times 5-7 days away from the plants start budding leaves and fruit early. Time lapse until the infestation of pests. Which differ depending on the type of plant. Both may be mixed with water, foliar fertilizers, hormones, disease and insect removal. Spraying at a time


An extract from the mangosteen fruit, used for spraying to prevent plant diseases caused by fungi. When spraying thin coatings that keep moisture, moreover Quinones and xanthone extracted from Mangosteen also has the effect of destroying bacteria and fungi as well, spraying the air with high humidity. Rains for several days, cold winter fog, with dew much.

Xanthonite mangosteen peel extract For spraying to prevent plant diseases caused by fungi. The weather is very humid after the rain rains for several days. Or during cold weather The fog and dew The cause of the fungus.

Xanthonite be dispersed in water When spraying is to coat the skin and prevent moisture. There were also Quinones and Xanthone. Extracted from the mangosteen Has the effect of destroying bacteria And various fungi

Xanthonite A. Thiele extraction with alcohol. Safe for consumers and the environment


Xanthonite can use the 1-2 cc. Per 20 liters of wash water spray. Clear the fog and dew coating

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After 30 minutes the rain stopped spraying wash water, sprayed to clear the fog in the early morning before the sun is out, spraying with the dew during the evening sun light spraying one time prevented 3-4 days and if the weather is dry. required Spraying should be done often during rain, fog or heavy dew really only in the case of spraying to prevent and eliminate mold should be sprayed with alternating herbal extracts. And other microbes in the prevention and removal of mold.
Should not be sprayed Xanthonite too often. To make them halt the growth of the plants and should not be mixed up to 2 cc. / 20 liters of water.

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