Silica (H4SIO4) is a soluble silica. Plants can be used immediately by conveying through the roots. And absorbed through the leaves by spraying to prevent the infestation of insects, such as mites, fungi, bacteria and worms to produce good quality store-resistant plants are well structured and crispy as the needs of the market. Reduce the use of chemical pesticides to reduce production costs.


The mechanism of the SILISIC [H4Sio4]
1. stimulating signaling between host and bacteria faster. This will result in the destruction of plants showing symptoms of infection dialog (plant defense mechanism) as soon as possible. Usually, the plants were infected. To protect themselves as a collection of phenolics compound, this compound to inhibit the growth of fungi (fungistatic activity).
2. a barrier (physical barrier) thrust through the mycelial (hypal penetration) because Silisic [H4Sio4] accumulate in the cell wall.

Role and Benefits
1. To promote the growth of plants such as citrus and melon family, which rose to a cumulative Silisic [H4Sio4] in the soft tissue.
2. reduces plant stress caused by pests or environment.
3. Silisic [H4Sio4] absorbed into the apoplast of leaf cells, which will make the cells stiffer, especially in rice, and acts as a barrier. Against the Destruction of pathogens
4. Help reduce the use of chemical fungicides (fungicide) less, yields have been higher.

That rate is used to
– In case of horticulture, in reducing the severity of disease caused by fungi such as Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotium spp., Phytopthora spp., Colletotrichum spp., Alternaria spp., Fusarium spp., In grapes, cucurbits, tomatoes. Chinese cabbage, etc., can be used SILISIC [H4Sio4] 5 grams (1 teaspoon) dissolved in 20 liters of water (1 bucket), spraying the evening sun light every 5-7 days, in case of an outbreak of more than 50%. Use BIO BT, or Beaveria once. Then spray SILISIC [H4Sio4] By the recommended ratio. To prevent re-infestation of pathogens.
– Plant fruit trees such as mango, lychee, rambutan, durian, longan, orange, lemon, etc. The rate of 5-10 g per 20 liters of water from spraying all over. The leaves on the wet leaves soaked. Spraying evening sun light every five days.
– Vegetables, beans, cabbage – flowering kale, cilantro, etc. flowers – roses, jasmine, marigold, ornamental plants such as five to as the rate of 5 g per 20 liters of water sprayed around the tree. The leaves on the wet leaves soaked. Spraying evening sun light every 5 to 7 days.

– To bring SILISIC [H4Sio4] water injection alone. Should determine the optimal concentration for each plant, if used in excessive rates. May cause burns or loss, especially in the tamarind fruit Santol and Dendrobium.
– Strengthen the plant is a new way of a non-toxic vegetable production.

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