Extracts from natural wood vinegar. Not harmful to humans and the environment protected and easy to use, ants, termites and insect nuisance. Cost Savings Productivity Enhancement


1. Get rid of ants, termites and insect repellent are a nuisance.

2. is not harmful to people and pets of all kinds. Both the House and ranch Unharmed and no residue.

3. controls to prevent the spread of the fungus. Bacteria and microorganisms penalty Applicable to all plants every regular use helps the plant healthy disease.

How to use

1 mix ratio PREVENT -TM 1 liter per 20 liters of water, topped destroy the nests of ants, termites and insect lotion against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, mites, snails, and insects are a nuisance.
2. mix ratio PREVENT -TM 1 liter per 50 liters of water sprayed around the home to prevent termites, ants, centipedes, spiders and reptiles do not give to live in a house in sanitation. Trash anti-odor spray And flies do not lay eggs Spray deodorant in the bathroom and kitchen area damp on the ranch. Spraying the compost pile to optimize the fermentation richer. In dwellings Shower for dogs, cats and domesticated animals to prevent flea treatment of scabies in dogs.

PREVENT -TM a natural extract of wood vinegar. Can be mixed with other chemicals. Almost any kind Including bio-fertilizer has also a matter of efficiency. Other substances Shared action is better.

Additional information
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