Plaikaew -TM products from microorganisms that are capable of eliminating the mold and bacterial diseases. Has been selected to be highly effective in preventing plant diseases caused by fungi important in diseases such as root rot rot of durian pepper citrus, lemon, papaya, pineapple and rubber caused by the fungus phytophthora disease skull rot. Collapse In cucurbits, tomatoes, peppers, beans, vegetables and flowers that are caused by Pythium (Pythium spp), Rhizogtonia (Rhizogtonia spp), and Sclerotium (Sclerotium spp.) And featured special is Plaikaew -TM can eliminate. Mushroom fungi are the enemy of almost every kind. The Plaikaew -TM Not harm Mushroom


Principles and techniques infection Plaikaew -TM.

– Plaikaew -TM is a life that is destroyed by ultra-violet radiation (UV) from the sun, so be sprayed evening sun light will help extend the life Plaikaew -TM on the plant is to be effective. time
– Fungal diseases such as rot and fruit rot disease Carwg rubber dried (PANEL DRYNESS) rust disease often live below the leaves and fruit. So the spray to cover the top and bottom of the plant. I believe we will be able to control plant diseases effectively.
– Adjust the nozzle sprayers Plaikaew -TM the smallest particles. Allows infected droplets adhere to the surface well.
– Mix surfactant. (Moisture Plant -TM) to spray every time. According to the label instructions
– Should be sprayed when Plaikaew -TM survey found fungal plant disease since the outbreak is not very likely to result in better control over common fungal pathogen outbreak of violence.
– Do not mix Plaikaew -TM with anti-mold removal at the same time. Because some chemicals can cause performance degradation Plaikaew -TM down.
– Because Plaikaew -TM a fungal plant disease organisms. It may be slower than using chemical drugs. Thus, the higher rate does not provide medical advice faster rate using the instructions below. Will result in ineffective treatment. And damage the product should be used Plaikaew -TM the recommended rate.
– Upon the outbreak of severe fungal plant should be sprayed at the rate recommended by spraying consecutive two times the distance 3-4 times a day will help reduce the damage was better to spray once.

The expansion Plaikaew -TM

1. Using Plaikaew -TM finished at 100 grams per 20 liters of water was available as products imported from abroad, as a manufacturer. Biological species of fungus to destroy the species listed on the label, with both powder and liquid, there are many companies both domestically produced and imported from abroad. Most farmers sell the affordable price level. Since the price per kg 1000-1200 baht water rates range from 50-80 grams or ml / 20 liters of water to make one farm to pay 300-400 baht and often make use of every 3-5 days as much wastage. The expansion will help save the infection.
2. Expand Plaikaew -TM with coconut, coconut using one ball, open the lid ajar enough inoculation to enter Plaikaew -TM 1 teaspoon (1 case), cover and leave for 1-2 days mixed in water. 20 liters
3. Expand Plaikaew -TM with coconut juice from the market. Bring juice to the market to boil 5 minutes, scoop the bubbles leave until cool, then put Plaikaew-TM 5 tsp (5 pack) per coconut water, 15 liters (If juice is not enough, add water until the total 15. liter boiler), the air used in the aquarium 24 hours, mixed with 100 liters of water for spraying.
4. Expand Plaikaew -TM with sweetened condensed milk and sugar, 15 liters of water and add 3 tablespoons sugar 1 can sweetened condensed milk filling Plaikaew -TM 5 teaspoons, or five packs a 24-hour air aquarium can be mixed in water or 100 liters. 5 tank
5. Expand Plaikaew -TM with fresh eggs, 15 liters of water, 5 eggs, egg, scoop Plaikaew -TM 5 teaspoons or five packs, use Smectotite -TM 500 grams, 1.5-2 teaspoon of oil blow-air tank 24. 5 hours using a water tank (100 liters).
6. Expand Plaikaew -TM with milk, pasteurized milk carton market generally 1 box (250 cc), open the lid, pour out Plaikaew -TM put it, by filling Plaikaew -TM 1 package (5. g) 24-hour fermentation period was mixed in water.
7. Expand Plaikaew -TM with flour during the trial.
8. Spray evening To prevent infection destroyed by UV in sunlight.
9. soaked wet spraying of a shower. To make contact with the fungal disease to crops as much as possible.

Additional information
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