Bio sensors(BIO-SENSOR-TM)


• Approved by the Department of Agriculture to certify GAP, Q and Organic Thailand.
• 100% water soluble, no clogged nozzle.
• Passed the toxicity test (LD50), which is about 10 times safer than fish sauce.
• Biological microbes
• Fungal, fungal, plant diseases Cigars in citrus orange plant
• Mushroom fungal disease. Dried shrimp in chili


Bio-Sensor-TM is a product of Bacillus subtilis, certified by the Department of Agriculture. It has the ability to eradicate mold diseases and bacteria. Selected for high efficiency in the prevention of major diseases caused by fungi in Thailand such as rot disease, rot, rot disease, Durian pepper.Citrus, lemons, papaya, pineapple and rubber caused by phytophthora fungus. In tomatoes, beans, peppers, vegetables and ornamental flowers caused by us.Pythium (Pythium spp), Rhizogtonia (Rhizogtonia spp), andSclerotium (Sclerotium spp.)And a remarkable is. BIO-Sensor can eliminate most of the Mushroom’s hostile fungus. The Bio-Sensor TM is not harmful to Mushroom.

Principles and techniques of infection. BIO-sensor

– Bio-Sensor -TM is a living organism that is destroyed by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, so it should be sprayed in the cold sunshine to help extend the life. Bio-Sensor TM on the plant to be effective for a long time.
– Fungus and some diseases such as rot disease, rot disease, rot disease, dry skin (PANEL DRYNESS) rust disease

Usually live on the bottom of leaves and fruits. Spray to cover the upper and lower parts of the plant. We can control the plant disease effectively. – Adjust the nozzle sprayer. BIO-sensor to smallest droplet.It helps the skin to stick to the surface. – The surfactant. (Moue platoon-TM) in every spray. At the recommended rate in the label, the bio-sensor should be sprayed when the plant pathogen is not detected. – Do not mix Bio-Sensor-TM with antifungal at the same time. Because some chemicals may cause Bio-Sensor-TM deteriorates – Bio Sensor-TM is a microorganism that fights mold diseases. It may be slower than using chemotherapy.Therefore, using higher rates of advice does not help to cure the disease faster, using rates below the recommended level. Will result in ineffective treatment. Should use the bio-sensor-TM at the recommended rate. – When the outbreak of severe fungal disease, spray should be sprayed at the recommended rate by spraying two consecutive times. The distance from 3 to 4 days will help. Damage is better than single spray.

Bio-Sensor Expansion

1. The use of bio-sensors at the rate of 100 grams per 20 liters of water can be used as imported products, according to the manufacturer. Various types of biological products are used to destroy fungi by species and species as specified in the label, both powder and water types. There are many companies both domestically produced and imported from abroad. Most farmers sell at very high prices.The price of water is from 50-80 g / cc / 20 liters of water, 1 rai of waste is 300-400 baht, and often used every 3-5 days, which is very wasteful. Expanding the virus will save you money.
2. Expand the bio-sensor TM with coconut soft, use a coconut 1, open the lid to insert enough bacteria to enter. Bio-Sensor -TM1 teaspoon (1 sachet) cover, leave 1-2 days to mix 20 liters of water.
3. Expand the bio-sensor TM with coconut juice from the market. Take the coconut water from the market to boil for 5 minutes, scoop the bubbles, wait until cool down, then put 5-teaspoon bio-sensor (5 sachets) on coconut water 15 liters (if coconut water is not enough to fill the water. Total 15 liters before boiling). The air used in the aquarium 24 hours, mixed with water for a total of 100 liters for spraying.
4. Expand bio-sensor TM with sweetened condensed milk and sugar 15 liters of water, add sweetened condensed milk, 1 can of sugar, 3 spoonfuls of bio-sensor, 5 teaspoons of TM or 5 envelopes for 24 hours aquarium. 100 liters or 5 buckets
5. Bio-sensors with fresh eggs, 15 liters of water, 5 eggs, 5-teaspoons of BIO-Sensor Scoop or 5 sachets, use Smectotite -TM 500 g, 1.5-2 teaspoon vegetable oil. Aquarium 24 hours, 5 liter water tank (100 liters)
6. Expansion of Bio-Sensor with milk carton, use common pasteurized milk box 1 box (250 cc). Bio-Sensor-TM can be added, by adding bio-sensor TM-Pack (5 g).
7. Expanded Bio-Sensor with TM flour.
8. Evening spray To prevent UV damage in sunlight.
9. Wet spray wet as a shower. To contact the plant disease as much as possible.

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