• Biological microbes, termites, aphids, caterpillars, insect pests.
• Approved by the Department of Agriculture to certify GAP, Q and Organic Thailand.
• 100% water soluble, no clogged nozzle.
• Passed the toxicity test (LD50), which is about 10 times safer than fish sauce.



It is a product of natural microorganisms. It is not harmful to humans and the environment. In the fungus group Metarrhizium-spp The ability to prevent and limit termites. Preserved in the form of spores when spores fall to the surface of the termite. Then the tube (germ tube) is pierced through the skin Insects into the fungus Metarrhizium-hpp The fiber is formed (mycelium) into the gastrointestinal tract (intestine) and enlarged. The fiber is broken and broken into short sections to destroy the various organs in the insect, weak body sickness. And finally die

How to use

Bring the FORTRAN-TM (Metarrhizium-spp) spore powder to the spores. Or where the termites are destroyed. Or use a spade or hoe to drill the nest and sprinkle the spores Metarrhizium-spp to the termite will pass through and contact with microorganisms Metarrhizium-sppAnd lead to spread by touching and licking each other. Spores of microorganisms Metarrhizium-spp gradually spread to spread throughout the termite. When spores of the Metarrhizium-spp microorganism expand and obtain appropriate moisture levels, which are present in the termite colonies. It will grow out and destroy termites.

Use FORTRAN-TM powder (Metarrhizium-spp) to exterminate 100 grams per 20 liters of water, spray it all over the termite, or spray watering on the plots of crops. , Ornamental plants, or under the rubber trees, fruit trees such as citrus orchard, rambutan, durian, mango, lang lang, mangosteen, etc.

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