the Zeo SILVER, dolomitic

ZEO SILVER dolomite in the water treatment plant to improve the acid – alkaline soil to acid soil – acid soils. No chemicals that are harmful to humans. In plant growth Reduce the production cost of farmers It will improve the soil water – by its very nature. Enable farmers to reduce the cost of more original. These include the Calcium carbonate is approximately 30% , and magnesium carbonate, about 20%.

Packing 20 kg / bag


Benefits of dolomitic

1. Micronutrients plant is due to calcium ( the Ca the C O the 3 ) There will then neutralize the acidity. It also helps in plant cell division. Growth Make healthy plants There are high disease resistance And magnesium ( the Mg the C O the 3 ).Wizard chlorophyll. Plant foods can greatly increase productivity.
2. To improve the soil incoherent Porous a well-ventilated place. Soil microorganisms that are beneficial to plants running at full efficiency. Crop quality is good.
3. Release nutrients in the soil Soil nutrients are being held up because of chemical fertilizers for a long time and accumulate in soil, fertilizer in bulk. Plant roots can suck Fertilizers and lead accumulation in soil to use them all.
4. The soil solution Acid soil conditions, soil porosity, soil subsoil. And used for any agricultural purpose. Can return to the soil is fertile for farming. Send yield has been of the highest quality.
5. Defensive tackle dwarf plants grow slowly, the leaves are pale yellow leaves falling kink flowers are small, deformed output slump dolomitic nature of the soil. Resolves these excellent results.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg