the Zeo PLATINUM is Pergamon Mori Carlo Night (powder)


ZEO PLATINUM mineral Pergamon Morin Carlo Night. Montmorillonite Is a group of volcanic ash The explosion came amid lava from the crater of the mountain. The rise was driven by the explosion in mid-air explosion of one, two or three times the explosion itself causes porosity and pore enormous.

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1. If we ever see the documentary filming volcanic activity. It will explode with red lava flow. It is black or gray dust pouring out. This is a group of minerals that the Hmong, in which the mineral Pergamon is rich in minerals. Thrace and silicon House and many also have the ability to absorb moisture quite well. Thereby increasing the soil moisture was good. The bottom of the planting hole , accelerate growth , mixed fertilizer is slow release fertilizers. As an ingredient in mushrooms, cubes A combination of stimulants, mushrooms etc.
2. The Pergamon Morin Solo Knight made 100 barrels per acre fertilizer economy.
3. The clay model was held at the Central , the soil has enough potassium for rice. No recommended fertilizer such as potassium 16-20-0.
4. The central Na Na 16-20-0 fertilizer into the decades-phosphate or phosphate residues lot. Use a fertilizer such as 46-0-0 or no phosphates , fertilizer 21-0-0 , Fertilizer 15-0-0 If the pool or pool Mizrahi Mizrahi helps with sulfur dissolved phosphate jackpot. the plant has adequate
5. Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer is almost 3 times as much as if I was 16-20-0 urea divided by 3 is 46 divided by 3 = 15.33, almost equal to the fertilizer 16-20-0.
6. When you get to the grain tank is 100 to 100 kg of fertilizer needed , if only nitrogen, urea is used, only 1 in 3 is 100 divided by 3 = 33.33 kg.
7. The use of urea as a fertilizer, slow release. Melts away the rice leaves tangled susceptible insects snail falling sun allergy-friendly but easy to solve the problem by making it into a manure spreaders and once I made the valleys. Fertilizer was covered with clay instead of planting and sowing fertilizer on the soil. But as fertilizing the soil before planting. Enter once obtainable fertilizer 3-4 months.
8. Tillage Prime pounded rake or a belt.
9. 33.33 kilograms of bulk urea on the floor , sprinkle fertilizer moist enough. Enter ore Pergamon Morin Carlo Night 1 bag (12.5 kg) and mix, then 1 acre sown on mountain trails or rake rubbed fertilizing the soil sink, and then germinated rice or rice.
10. Fixation with mineral fertilizers was arrested Pergamon Morin Carlo Night. And Clay did not lose water and sunlight.
11. Rice grows stronger. Snail against aphids and mites, fungi, worms, leaves the wind and sun exposure has grown steadily. Without interruption until tillering Pregnant seed grains have great weight.
12. When the rice is pregnant should be sprayed with sensitive eyes NICs rate of 10 grams per 200 liters of water (or 10 g per 20 liters of water) , then spray again when the rice grains dusk. It makes long ears of the seed weight of grain is withered.
13. If the winter rice to stop the disturbance. Use Eye Light, 10 Sir G. Rice, Green Plus 50 g per 20 liters of water sprayed in the evening sun light. Pick up the vegetables crispy frozen and stored for a longer time.

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