the Zeo PLATINUM is a pool Michelin (powder)


ZEO PLATINUM “PUMISH” (Pumice Tuff) is a mineral (Minerais), a special mineral ore grinding stone, glass stone, PUMISH allows the soil to hold water better Sui, reduce water loss from the soil, use of 40-80 kg /. rai. Soil is growing every year, from the microbial degradation of the polymer to be in 1-2 years, but PUMISH be sustainable soil, does not react with the cement, fertilizers, and soils mixed with organic fertilizer. and various chemical fertilizer, sowing simultaneously


Increasing silica in the soil into a form that plants absorb useful. In which silica is absorbed into the plant. The cells to crystallize in different parts of the plant cell strength. This makes the plant stronger. The subversion of crops such as rice, sugarcane, etc. to withstand the attack of the disease, insects, mites mold, saving the cost of spraying pesticides and chemical disposal plant various vegetables, the vegetables crisp and stored. longer than vegetables that have less silica.
Make it into a soluble fertilizer slowly soluble fertilizer. Reduce the loss of fertilizer when rain water runoff. Reduce the tangled leaves of the plant. Plant growth is halted. Extended period of time next fertilization, thus saving the cost of buying fertilizer. As fertilizer or organic fertilizer.
The toxins and poisons from the freeze damage to crops, for example, we sprayed to kill the grass, the grass will die and not come back up. Convert the cultivation of the ad that he was uprooted. The pesticide spraying and grass are embedded into the ground to break up, it is time that we could not get another crop. If the plant is not growing as it should be due to the effect of the drug is killing the grass. In plants, fungi may be less clear. However, for the animals, the fungus was evident during the preparation of the water before the animal was found that the water or plant plankton and zooplankton, no. Because the drug is mixed with water grass, we’re going to aquaculture.
Improve soil structure. The clay soil and helps soil absorb water better Sui and will gradually improve the soil, respectively.

How to use
Use single scattering or sowing, canopy spread over the conversion rate of 40-80 kg / ha.
Mixed fertilizers, the rate PUMISH -TM 2 parts: the chemical 5.
Use of compost manure, at the rate PUMISH -TM 2 parts per 10 parts of organic fertilizer.
Potted in a pot or 1-2 tsp.

The resulting plants were sufficient silica.
Failure of crops such as rice, sugar cane cut off the tangled leaves.
Reduce soil loss from water erosion.
Plant cell wall strength with silica. Reduce damage by insects, mites, fungi and other plant diseases.
Longer harvest vegetables and crispy frozen and stored for a longer time.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg