the Zeo GOLD’s not at Phu Sulfate (powder)



1. The components consist of Phu Mai at 50%, 7% calcium sulphate 12% phosphoric acid at 0.20%, 0.01% magnesium, iron, zinc, 0.01%, 0.005% pH 6.5 for the remainder of the fertilizer
2. How to Use this list. the bottom hole Mix the soil around the stem hole before planting, sprinkle, sprinkle in a row above the ground, sown after plowing, sowing and planting. Mash mixed with fertilizer spreaders along the way. Sprinkle on the soil of potted plants or potted
3. Result of use.This makes it friable Ground water seeps through easily Soil drain better To solve the sticky clay soil, subsoil resolve firmly harden. Help out the salt out of the soil. Improve air, soil Help absorb soil (Not in the flesh, the Phu) to mortar and sulfur deficiency in crops. Plant allergies, cold and heat (from zinc) Plant pale butcher Tong (Light solution by magnesium, iron, zinc, sulfur), the plants grow more slowly (the solution by calcium helps cells, sulfate Wizard acidic amino acid) etc.
4. . the great fruit to help reduce pests and diseases, the root system well, texture, color, smell, texture, crispy and reduce gut permeability wet as a fish in fruit tree species
5. in vegetables, reduce pests and diseases. enemy vegetables, roots grow very fast, leaves the game. Writes the fresh, crispy, harvested from growing vegetables to keep them long wilt not easy, for grades sold vegetables
6. positive impact on the crop variety. Such as the size of the head because pervious, water reserves in the soil, more minerals, more fertilizer. Fungus reminded Riesa core function better, allowing better root growth, the mountain does not allow the house next door for the creation of a more
7. cane and corn. Let the sun set as well. Stiff stems and bark Reduce disease and insect well Add molasses in CCS. Total output increased due to root out the last round was very good and deep. Absorb fertilizer and water as much
8. palm, rubber, fruit trees , soil, plants absorb water faster, stronger, better productivity both quantity and quality
9. reduce insect flower stalks, leaves Dakkgan strength. Withstand transport Flowering trees – trees with leaves, flowers and dark foliage beautiful
10 plants go together because the soil tillage relieve insect Sui less than the cost of production. Productivity increased by
11 potted pervious water is not trapped reduce soil insects do not change frequently.
12. pasture root depth, root length, very high output all the
13 herbs. Beef up drug Total output increased
Utilization rate

Not the mountain, the foundation sulfate sowing rate of 40-80 kg / ha already incorporated in the Phu Mai House sulfate improves soil pH before planting. Must understand that the proper pH for growing crops of all kinds at a pH between 5.8 to 6.5 on the pH scale of these plants can absorb nutrients transported either as elemental divide the primary, secondary nutrients and micronutrients. (micronutrients) that plants need to be used efficiently, without the acidity – alkalinity of the soil. Frozen food by checking pH soil or plantation that is pH levels much if the pH is below 5.8, use phosphate rock (rock phosphate) to increase the pH up, but if it was above pH. 6.5 is not much I use Phu Mai house sulfate sack yellow pH 6.5 adjusted down, but if the pH is very high, higher than 8.0 to Phu Mai house sulfate sack red pH 4.5 adjusted to pH is lowered to a level suitable. Agriculture

Add the mushroom production Not the mountain lifts sulfate powder mixed sawdust section 3 or section 97 does not require cultivation materials, gypsum and lime. Usually taken to mushroom cultivation In short, the mushroom stack when the stack is complete, the final step to Phu Mai sulfate powder at 200-300 g per 20 liters of water on a pile of moldy Dr. Cutler and soil around the wet and soaked. Reduces mites, insects, ants, termites, nematodes, fungi and odor down. Mushroom production increases in both quantity and quality.