calcium / lime for mushrooms


Lime (calcium carbonate), a nutrient material mixed mushrooms. To add calcium to neutralize the pH of the material culture of the mushrooms are soft spots. During fermentation, the mixture of materials before planting mushrooms.

Packing 25kg / bag


Infected Mushroom in nature will grow well in a pH neutral or alkaline, not acidic, too. Due to a lack of nutrients, some melted out too toxic mushrooms. Or to intercept The reaction was not until the mushroom can be used. Sometimes the material culture in each season can vary. Although it comes from the same source So, if you check the acidity or alkalinity before packing into the bag has to be very good. PH – the pH is between 6.5 to 7.2 if the measurement is less than 6.5 indicates acidic, add lime until it is needed. If the measurement is greater than 7.2 indicates that it is too alkaline. Providing gypsum to fill Instead, it was a reasonable value for the growth of mushrooms.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg