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Box kickoff infection is equipped to take advantage of the activities required to avoid contaminants are present in the air around us, such as fungi, bacteria. For example, the use of fungi knocked into the agar. The kickoff of the fungus in corn. Box kickoff infection has been designed to be easy to use, with doors opening on both sides made of glass and aluminum frame for easy visibility and easy to move equipment into the left-right issue. A hand to work fit and easy movement. The lid is surrounded by some constituents to dust. The bulb illuminated for night-time operations. And a sterilization lamp for safety and to eliminate infected every corner. The stand is designed to be folded up for ease of use and transport.
The cabinets are made of steel lining the sides with plywood coated Fort mica thickness 5 mm padded edges and corners with aluminum the size of the cabinet width 60 cm long and 120 cm high, 60 cm in tripod folding do. with aluminum enclosure with a height of 70 cm within the first 2 sets of lights illuminated a 18 W series 2 is a light disinfection. Also known as UV lamps are 30 watts switch off. Separate power cables outside the cabinet and a 5 meter cable with a male end of the line.