Bacillus Plaikaew (BS Plaiklaew)


The bacteria Bacillus microorganisms batch bi-liner Martin Sullivan, who has been selected to be highly effective. To control plant diseases caused by fungi Sma important in diseases such as root rot rot disease (anthracnose USA) etc.

Weight 500g / cans


Extension (bacillus – Plaikaew) fungicides.

1. Expand bacillus infection – Plaikaew with coconut. Use coconut 1 drilling lid ajar enough flavor to it. Leavened bacillus – Plaikaew 1 teaspoon (1 pack), cover and leave for 1-2 days, mixed with 20 liters.

2. Expand bacillus infection – with a glass of coconut water supply from the market. Bring juice to the market came to a boil, boil for 5 minutes spoon bubbles leave the cooling leavened bacillus – Plaikaew 5 teaspoons (5 pack) per coconut water, 15 liters (if the juice is not enough, add water until it is 15 liters. before cooking), the air used in the aquarium for 24 hours, mixed with 100 liters of water for spraying.

3. Expand the bacteria bacillus – Plaikaew with condensed milk and sugar water and 15 liters filling of sweetened condensed milk 1 can of sugar 3 tablespoons bacteria bacillus – Plaikaew 5 teaspoon or 5 envelopes to the air tank 24 can be mixed with water. 100 liters or 5 years,

4. Expand bacillus infection – Plaikaew, eggs, fresh eggs, 15 liters of water 5 eggs infected with bacillus – Plaikaew 5 or 5 teaspoons of Mecklenburg tight pack of 5 matches (500 grams), vegetable oil, 1.5-2 teaspoon blowing air. aquarium water 24 hours a year for 5 years (100 liters).

5. Expand bacillus infection – Plaikaew with flour. Pending trial

6. Spray evening To prevent infection, was destroyed by UV in sunlight.

7. soaked wet spraying of a shower.

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