the Zeo PLATINUM is Osceola Farms (powder)


ZEO PLATINUM Osceola Farms mineral volcanic used on the farm (poultry, pigs, cattle, etc.).
Solve the problem of foul smell and toxic residues in livestock feed. Get rid of toxins in meat or products from animals. Help capture ammonia hydrogen sulfide (Hydrogen sulfide) in livestock Allergy or cold ammonia implants. (Colds, facial swelling) in chickens. Help relieve stress from waste gases in the stables.

Packaging 20 kg sack



Catch toxins in animal feed The residual material in the production of animal feed. And toxins such as mold caused by moisture, especially in dairy cows. It can help solve Flaminio toxin residues in milk.
Help promote digestive stomach grind better. It also helps to capture waste in the digestive tract. When the excretion of waste out foul smell is diminished.
Add calcium to build a movement of poultry, quail egg with strength. Reduce the amount of eggs that crack dents.
Reduce odor Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia odor in livestock Reduces the fly
Reduce the stress of pets. Those who live near the stockyard because odorless interference. It reduces death due to loss of ammonia. (Colds, facial swelling) in chickens, quail, up to 80 %.
Stimulate growth and increase feed cattle, pigs, etc.
How to use

Poultry, fowl, quail mixed together in a ratio of 3 kg weight 100 kg.
Animals, mammals, cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits, cats, etc. These ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 3 kg weight 100 kg.
Remove manure spreaders to dissipate the stench. Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia odor is caused by the accumulation of droppings on the floor of the stall or waste pond. ————————————————– ———————————————


ZEOFARM -TM Is A Special Grade Of Volcanic other rock MINERALS Through Carefully Selected For Use ons The Farm (Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Etc.). Resolves in the stench and toxic residues in livestock feed. Eliminate toxic residues in meat or products from animals. Help control ammonia. Hydrogen sulfide gas. (Hydrogen sulfide) in livestock. Prevent loss of ammonia or artificial cold. (Colds, facial swelling) in chickens . Helps relieve stress of waste gas in the stables.

• Catch toxins in animal feed. The residues from the production of animal feed . And toxins caused by wetness, such as fungi, especially in dairy cattle. Can help solve the problem of aflatoxin residues in milk.
• help promote better digestion gizzard. They can handle the waste in the digestive tract. On the excretion of waste to reduce odor .
• Increased movement of calcium in the eggshell of the domestic fowl, partridge strength. Reduces the amount of eggs that crack Earthbound collapsing.
• Reduce odor. Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide odor in livestock. Reduces fly problems.
• help relieve stress for your pet. People who live near the stockyard stench because disturbing. It also reduces the amount of ammonia lost due to death. (Colds, facial swelling) in chicken quail to 80%.
Stimulates Growth Of Pigs And the FCR •, Cattle, etc, ..

How a To Use
• a quail Poultry, Poultry Meal Mixed With 3 KG Weight Of At The Rate Of Food Of 100 KG.
• Animal feeding dairy cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats, etc. are included in the composite rate of 3 kg of weight, 100 kg of food.
• Remove manure to eliminate the sweet smell . Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide odor is caused by the accumulation of data on stable ground or grounds of the sump.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg