the Zeo GOLD’s West Mecklenburg tight (powder)


The ZEO GOLD Mecklenburg tight a grip ammonia, hydrogen sulfide fold reduction, nitrite, methane and waste in shrimp ponds, fish ponds snapping turtle pond frog pond water and wastewater treatment. Catch the bad smell and ammonia smell. Hydro-fold reduction in sulfide ore volcanic rocks stables are equivalent to the original zeolite the best in the US, Canada, Japan, etc.


The ph balance of the soil in the pit, not to change too quickly. The water in shrimp ponds, fish ponds or other aquatic life. Clean up quickly There are also water soluble silica is a creature of the water flea, Ben Thomas and shrimp can be used to create shell. The shell hardens, making no soft Causing a chain of natural food If applied to the fish’s scales and sharp teeth and will bite very strong and resistant than ever. Can be used to capture the smell of the stables banquet. Allergy or ammonia Wai for the implant. (Colds, facial swelling) in the stress from waste gases in the stables.

– useIn order to catch fish is the cause of the ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, sudden accidents.

– used to capture bacteria glow in shrimp ponds, fish ponds and sewage common snapping turtle, frog pond.

– Use of water and soil PH balance in the pond does not change suddenly and quickly.

– keeps the water in the fish tanks shelled shrimp ponds, sewage manholes. Clean up quickly

– with silica, water soluble benefit flea Ben Thomas and shrimp in the shell until the food chain, natural pond.

– allow the fish scales and teeth stronger and sharper bite.

– catch a foul smell in the paddock pet’s neck, breast, quail, rabbits, birds sty.

– Catch toxins in food animals such as poultry, pigs, birds, crustaceans make up the metabolism of animals. Capturing waste gas from the digestive tract. When animals excrete waste and Gil fouling is reduced.

– prevent colds or allergies ammonia in chicken, quail, facial swelling, reduce stress on animals. And the parties arising from the stench. The smell of ammonia

How to use
– used in shrimp ponds, fish pond, frog pond, a snapping turtle per 20 kg per 1 hectare area.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg