the Zeo client PLATINUM is knocked optical Low Light (powder)


ZEO GOLD client Brannon optical Low Light. Can solve the problem of foul smell in stables and toxins in animal feed. Eliminate the toxic residues in meat and meat products from animals. Ammonia can handle hydrogen sulfide (Hydrogen sulfide) as the cause of water pollution in shrimp ponds , frogs , fish, shelled helps condition the water and wastewater treatment.

Weight 10kg



– Catch toxins in animal feed. The residual material in the production of animal feed. And toxic mold is caused by moisture. Especially in dairy cattle Namely to issue a substance Flaminio toxin residues in milk.

– help to grind food in the stomach of animals better.

– the poultry-rearing quail egg production in order to strengthen the eggshell. Fewer eggs are cracked dents and easy to transport.

– Reduce the stench of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, animal odors, flies out issues interfere.

– Reduce stress to the animals. And those who live near the animal pens or coops. Since there is no smell disturbance It also reduces the amount of chicken deaths by 80%.

– Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the catching shrimp, fish or other aquatic life. The cause of the gas, nitrite, nitrate, which is causing water pollution.

– accelerate the growth of animals.

How to use

– in poultry such as chickens, ducks, quail, birds, only 3% of the feed weight.

– in animal feeding beef cattle, dairy cattle แm Pa sheep, rabbit, cat, dog food, only% of the weight of the food
– the fish used in feed used for feed 3-5% of their weight
– sown pond animals. water To capture ammonia in ponds 20 kg per hectare every 15-30 days
– using manure spreaders onto. To order or get rid of the stink The smell of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide caused by the accumulation of manure.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก10 kg