Sand cat (a bit of)


Sand Cat is a natural mineral from volcanic rocks. Pet safety manual No chemical additives Absorbs liquids The stench of pet and dry out. Odorless To deodorize or sow stall cage poultry beautiful addition. Mixers can make poultry feed to help them digest and excrete it does not stink.

Packing 1 kg / bag


Utilization rate

1. Mixed bathing pets, cat sand, 200 grams of water 15-20 liters of melt into the shower, dogs, cats, etc., to eliminate stale stench. It also protects against ticks, lice, mites, fleas, get rid of them.
2. Poultry birds are not disturbed and the country always. The sand cat Mixed with sand and pool Sammamish. In the same pan put the bird into the mix tumble. This can help get rid of mites, bird mites chicken as well.
3. Get rid of the smell in stables If it is found that any smell. The sand cat, sand and pool Michelin amount equal to sow over foul smell in stables.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก1 kg