Zeolite (Zeolite)


Volcanic rock mineral fertilizers used in mixtures with fertilizers allows both chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers can have all become slow release fertilizers. The properties of zeolite helps to capture ammonia and waste in shrimp ponds, fish ponds snapping turtle pond frog pond water and wastewater treatment. Catch the stench and the smell of ammonia in stables is equivalent to the original zeolite. Zeolite the best in the United States, Japan, Canada, etc.

Pack size 1 bag / 25 kg.


– used water – using ammonia as the cause of the nitrate and nitrite was very sudden
– used to capture bacteria glow in shrimp ponds, fish ponds shelled Frog Pond water and waste
– to maintain a balanced pH. water and soil in the pit, not to change too quickly
– using the water in shrimp ponds, fish ponds, sewage manholes shelled. Clean up quickly
– a soluble silica, which is beneficial to the flea Ben Thomas and shrimp in the shell until the natural food chain
– the fish gives a bit of bite and teeth strong.
In the stables – to catch a foul smell in the paddock pet’s neck, breast, quail, rabbits, birds, pigs stall.
– Catch toxins in food, shrimp, birds, ducks, chickens, pigs, making the food better. Capturing waste, and the stench from the gastrointestinal tract. When animals excrete Waste and odor will be reduced
– prevents colds or allergies ammonia in chicken, quail, facial swelling, reduce stress on animals. And the parties arising from the stench. Ammonia

– used in shrimp ponds, fish pond, frog pond, snapping turtle running time of 20 kilograms per hectare 1 hectare
– turn it hit the water, mix with water to mix the Mecklenburg tight with the water all the parts
– the sow. sprinkle on the ground, trapping animals. The area has a foul odor and waste water treatment
– the shrimp and chicken dishes using 3-5% of its weight in quail using 1-2% of its weight.
Helps digestion Catch toxins and odor The smell of ammonia in the digestive tract.
– Fish 1-2 teaspoons per 1 liter fermentation two weeks before the bite.

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น้ำหนัก25 kg