zeolite cube 6-10 mm. (Clinoptilolite chip)


Zeolite cubes (Clinoptilolite Chip) is used for decoration and water in the aquarium.

The current breeding aquarium fish for recreational and aesthetic power. It is widely popular because the fish can be purchased easily and take up less space, but the party is faced with running water fish that is. When feeding Fish eating everything Food residue accumulation The spoiled Moreover, these wastes are broken down into smaller molecules. Such as small molecule organic compounds, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide gas. (Hydrogen sulfide), these substances accumulate in fish on the other. It makes the fish are stressed and weakened until the fish is expensive for us will suffer at some point the fish disease drug treatment is often incurable. So how to prevent fish disease is to have clean water, nonperishable soon. Using Phu Mai early to catch ammonia. Waste and toxins in the water, that is harmful to fish


weight of 1 kg.

1. It is a natural volcanic stone
2. Stone can be used to decorate the aquarium beautiful as well
3. Ability to handle fixing. Absorb ammonia Waste and toxin is not harmful to fish
4. reduce the viscosity of water. Clean water Nonperishable soon No need to change the water frequently
5. When the fish is good, clean, healthy water. The fish has a strong resistance

to the
1. Regular aquarium lengths of 1 foot to use zeolite cubes about 1 kg
2. Enter the amount, depending on the pollution of the water. If polluted water very quickly and may need to increase the amount of zeolite pack
3. Enter zeolite cubes to the water when the viscosity rotten. Show that zeolite absorbs ammonia, batteries and other waste to be polished until mature. cleaning Other Stones like the sun and then put back on again.
4. noting the age of the zeolite cube. When it is used multiple times. Performance is reduced to the point that when I put the cubes into the zeolite can not be made. Improved water quality Water is not clear Viscosity intact We had to be replaced instead.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก1 kg