makes pervious soil, soil permeability to water. Better soil drainage. The soil is clay event, the subsoil, the soil tight, hard, to dispel the salt out of the soil, improves air in the soil, the water holding capacity of the soil, is a lack of lime and sulfur in plants, plant allergies, cold and hot. the pale green leaves, the plants grow more slowly, etc..


1. Components consist of rocks, minerals volcano 50%, sulfate, 7%, Calcium 12%, phosphoric acid 0.20%, Magnesium 0.01%,. iron 0.01%, Zn 0.005%, pH 6.5, the rest of the fertilizer.
2. Two. Methods used, the primer hole, mix the bottom of the hole before planting, sprinkle around the base of trees, sprinkle a line above, sown on soil tillage, sowing the crop, then, mixed with fertilizer sown along the way. , sprinkle on the soil in the pots or potted fruit trees.
3. A result of using, making soil, seepage through easily, drain flow water better, solve the tough, solve problems, subsoil, to solve the dense, hard, to dispel the salt out of the soil, improves air. in soil, the water holding capacity of the soil. (Michelin sulfur pool in the flesh), is deficient in lime and sulfur plants, plant allergies, cold and hot. (Of zinc), the disease leaves fading. Color green. (Solved by sulfur, magnesium, iron, zinc), the plants grow more slowly (with the help of cell division, calcium, sulfate, amino acids help create acid), etc..
4. Effective in reducing fruit pests and diseases, poor root system, flesh color, good flavor, texture and crispy. And reduce the Core rot diseases of fruit trees, in some kind of fruit.
5. Reduce disease and insect pests in vegetables, vegetables, roots grow very fast, bright green leaves, crispy, after harvest of field
vegetables to keep them long wilt not easy, the grade vegetable supply.
6. Effects in plants such as the size of the head is fatter because soil porosity, water reserves in the soil, the minerals, fertilizers, micorrhiza work better, gives great head growth, PUMICESULPHER-TM. Leaves attached to the tree for a long time, the food was much better.
7. Sugarcane and corn. Help raise the leaves, the light was good, bark, trunk strength, reduce pests and diseases as well, add the molasses ccs, yield increases due to root out the very great and deep, sucking up dirt and water.
8. Palm trees, rubber trees, fruit plants, soil, water well yield strength has improved both the quantity and quality
9. Flowers, ornamental plants, reducing disease, insects, leaves, stems Dakkgan strength. Withstand transport. Flowers – trees, flowers and leaves are a beautiful dark color.
10. Tillage crops can relieve the pervious soil insects, disease, low production costs low. Increased productivity.
11. Potted soil, water tank, reducing disease, insects, soil, do not change frequently.
12. Pasture root length, root yield very high on all sides.
13th. Spices, herbs. The concentration of the herbs. Productivity increased.
Primers used PUMICESULPHER-TM scattering rate 40-80 kg / ha, then plowing the soil pH before use PUMICESULPHER-TM improved crops, need to understand that the proper pH for growing all kinds of plants at a pH between 5.8 to 6.5. At the pH of these plants can absorb transports nutrients as elements of division main, Micronutrients and nutrient supplementation (micronutrients) that plants need to be used effectively without acidity – alkalinity. of the fixation element by checking pH soil or to crops that at pH when the pH is below 5.8, use phosphate rock (rock phosphate) to raise the pH up, but if you check the pH. 6.5 is not much higher than it used to be PUMICESULPHER-TM, but the pH is higher than 8.0, use red sack PUMICESULPHATE-TM pH 4.5, pH adjusted to lower levels matched to the crop.
Add the mushroom yield. The PUMICESULPHER-TM powder, 3 parts mixed with sawdust or material mushrooms 97 section shall not apply gypsum and lime. To mushroom as usual. In the short straw mushrooms, then on to the finish. The final PUMICE-TM or PUMICESULPHER-TM 200 – 300 grams per 20 liters of water and pouring it on the soil around the pile and soaked wet to reduce pest mites ants, termites, nematodes, fungi and odor down. Mushroom production will increase the amount and quality.

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