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How often mixed with Purdue light. To grow vegetables hydroponics. Or peat moss mixed with the seeds. To retain moisture better. The nutrients necessary for plants to grow in it.


Vermiculite Services (Vermiculite)

is a mineral group. alumino-silicate species resembles a thin sheet-like fish scales stacked multi-layered mineral vermiculite, the raw material is not suitable to be planted. It must be burned at a temperature of 760 degrees C to make the sheet alumino-silicate. The overlapping seams stretch. This process is called exfoliation mineral density through this process, then reduced to approximately 95 – 145 kg / m3 to increase when heated. The very existence of the State of Montana and North Carolina. When the expansion is very lightweight. A neutral reaction Good resistance to changing pH, but insoluble dehydrating 3-4 gallons / negative. Ft or 500% (w / w) can have high cationic exchange. Able to absorb nutrients and then slowly release it later.
Vermiculite has a plant nutrient, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which can be put to practical use. The use of vermiculite as a house plant material may reduce the concentration of these elements in the solution. Vermiculite exfoliation process to which it is gradually collapsing on the plant longer than 1 year, volume is reduced to about 20% of the original volume. And after approximately two years of treasures in the water and air circulation is lost and can not be used as plant material as

packing 5 liters / bag.

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น้ำหนัก5 kg