the Zeo GOLD’s Phu Mai House (powder)


ZEO GOLD Phu Mai House (Pumice) is a mineral (Minerais), a specialty mineral, mineral rock, crushed stone glass pool Mizrahi help pervious to absorb water well. Reduce water loss from the soil of 40-80 kg / ha soil is better and better every year, as opposed to using polymers decomposed by microorganisms exhausted in 1-2 years, but no house to live sustainably in mountain soil. Does not react with cement, fertilizers. Then mix with organic manure and chemical fertilizers were sown at the same time.

Packing 20 kg / bag.



1. improves silica in the soil into a form that plants use to absorb. The silica if the plants suck up to. To crystallize the cells in different parts of the plant to make rigid plant cells. As a result, stronger plants Falling of crops such as rice, sugarcane, making it more resistant to damage by diseases, insects, mites, fungi, saving the cost of spraying pesticide and herbicide plant diseases in the vegetables to make vegetable box and keep them longer. vegetables that are low in silica
2. make a quick release fertilizers slow release fertilizers. Reduce the loss of water or fertilizers when rain washed. Reduce excessive leaves of plants Plants do not stop growing Extend the application next time. Thus saving the cost of buying fertilizers Whether chemical or organic fertilizers.
3. Freeze destroy toxins and toxins do not harm the plants. For example, when spraying herbicide to look forward and not back up the dead grass on the farm as he uprooted his advertised. The herbicide spraying, and we will be embedded into the ground than dissolution, it will take time. We can not grow any more. If the plants do not grow as they should be, because beauty also the effects of the herbicide. For the mushroom crop may be less clear. But for aquaculture mushroom that marked the last preparations before the release of water animals. Found that doing a watercolor or phytoplankton and zooplankton does not occur. Because the herbicide mixture attached to the water, we’re going to aquaculture
4. improves soil structure. Prevent dry soil and helps soil absorb water better and friable soil is gradually improving, respectively.

How to use

1. Use single sow sowing spread around the bush or the conversion rate of 40-80 kg / ha
2. Mix the fertilizer at the rate of 1 part per night Phu no chemical fertilizers 5
3. Use compost manure rates. Phu Mai, the 1 part per 10 parts humus
4. potted pot use 1-2 tsp.

Results from the plants get enough silica.

1. Reduce the failure of crops such as rice, sugarcane, reduce excessive or
2. reduce the loss of fertilizer to water washout
3. Plants with strong silica cell wall. The destruction of insects, mites, fungi and other plant diseases
4. Yield longer crispy vegetables, frozen and stored for a longer time.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก20 kg