sealant pond


Help raise the water level in the pond. Reducing leakage of water in the pond. This is where most water loss. By gravity Slime microorganisms to help build it faster.

Size: 1,000 g / bag



– To increase the level of water in the soil
– reducing water leakage into the pond. This is where most water loss. By attracting the world’s first
– helps create slime microorganisms make it faster.

Utilization rate

Substance filling the pit mix with 2 kilograms of powder Mecklenburg tight 100 kg per 1 ha pond area.

How to use

After digging wells, new wells are finished, tractors looser soil 1-2 inches into the pond and then sow the substance filling the pond has been mixed. Sweet spread evenly Soil and rock back and remove more material filling the pond again. This method gives results quickly.

Old wells should reduce the level of water in the shallow end. The sunny pond. It allows the operation of the wells filling substances more quickly.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก1 kg