Phu Mai early 30-50 mm. (Pumice chip)


Phu Mai early (Pumice Chip) in the flowers and the beautiful, small, large, in general, began to put Pumice Stone used to grow by a stone that can be used to help absorb water. the spathe Additionally, the stone also helps to store manure. And the water we put into it. Then, slowly spit out those substances which help prevent soil. It is not a problem of too much fertilizer also


contains 1 kilogram.


, SiO2 (silica) = 62.53%
CaO, (calcium oxide) = 3.88%
MgO, (MgO) = 0.43%
Na2O (sodium oxide) = 1.14%
K2O of (potassium oxide) = 0.58%
of Fe2O3 (ferric oxide) = 3.51. %
Al2O3 (alumina) = 24.57%
-MnO2 (manganese dioxide) = 0.12%

1. Industrial laundering clothes and jeans.
Current industry bleached jeans and clothing are widely used Pumice Stone laundering

2. Industry and planting flowers.
At present, the industrial cultivation of flowers. Ornamental plants in Thailand have progressed significantly. Apart from the vegetation layer well. Equipment parenting, caring and good planting material. It affects the productivity of farmers. The pumice She comes into play as. The new plant material

Pumice is a plant material with excellent properties. Ideal for planting flowers into the ground every year. Whether Paphiopedilum. Anthurium flowers can absorb water or pumice. And fertilizers are good Retain the moisture for longer Prevents water loss Or fertilizer precious to waste. Although pumice stone to keep moisture well. Pumice is no problem with mold. Also important are highly durable. Do not change throughout the lifetime of the plant. Unlike brick coconut or other plant material that decays naturally. No volcanic rock collapse Decay or damage It also contains natural minerals. Beautiful flowering trees make a strong volcanic rock not only helps the soil to harden the more incoherent

Volcanic rocks in water lightly. Then use the drop down below the bottom of the pot, mix the soil, lay sod. Only the stone or clay. To maintain moisture for the trees Pumice is hygroscopic properties as well. But you also need watering By observing the color of the rock is dry. Or white, it should be watered more

3 filter for filtering pond fish.
For the breeding of ornamental fish, especially carp or Koi, Pumice Stone is considered as a new milestone. To the filter material of the future. instead coral The product is convenient to the user. And a new step towards the future of fish farming.

Phu Mai early as filter material for new types of renewable Appearance porous coral are highly durable, not easily broken. Lifetime Longevity Lightweight and easy to clean There is a very specific surface Are resistant to chemical corrosion in water. Adjust the water to the Ph in a state of constant reduces acid and ammonia from fish waste in the water, in the long run will help keep the water clear. No need to change the water frequently Thus helping the health of the fish better

Since no prior Phu lightweight. First soak in water for at least one night to wash dust naturally. The products absorb the weight. Then, in the drop-down filter (for fish ponds) or filter (the aquarium) For your convenience. Other materials may be suppressed before. When some time has passed The product will absorb water and sink them. Cleaning Rinse with clean water Avoid the sun Because the microbes that help eliminate waste products decays

4. Materials for the grill, oven, stove or barbecue.
The origin of the pumice From molten rock at high temperatures. This is why it is not surprising that volcanic material was able to increase the heat. And help trap heat For the grill, oven, stove or barbecue. It very good

Phu Mai early as refractory. Who has the ability to retain heat. And improves heat Ideal for use as a material burned in the stove. Grill or barbecue on the Phu Mai early can retain heat for a long time. Not last for long decayed help absorb oil from the grill. Do not smoke And saves fuel

Remove Phu no early end in charcoal. By placing the Total Carbon After the installation is complete, the charcoal Or put it on the stove to burn hot stones. Volcanic rocks are heated by charcoal or gas, and heat release in themselves more. Making the stove is heating up. And hot for longer Reduce carbon Or gas to be available to 50%.

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