Perfect Delight Perlite


Perfect Delight (perlite) Perry is a light material nature caused by the decomposition of volcanic rocks. Purdue natural light is ideal to use as a super Valley plant. Must be incinerated at temperatures 980 – 1000 ° C prior to Tupelo Light expanded vermiculite as well as entertainment. When burned, and Purdue Light has a density of approximately 95 – 145 kg / m3, with the ability to absorb water and breathable Perfect Light on Growth and stability. Little has collapsed Inexpensive so widely used in countries with raw materials

packing 10 liters / bag.


for Typing Chemical, the Analysis
silica 73.78%
, Alumina 14.73%
Ferric Zinc Oxide: 1.31%

a Titanium Zinc Oxide: 0.05%
the Calcium Zinc Oxide: 1.58%
magnesium Zinc Oxide: 0.27%
: Sodium Zinc Oxide: 2.04%
: Potassium Zinc Oxide: 5.15%
the Water 0.49%
stop loss, In ignitions 1.8%

for Typing Chemical, the Analysis
the Specific on Gravity 0.18. KG / 1
Color to White
of Fusion off Point 1260-1343? the C
Softening 871-1093 off Point? the C

Test, By: Department of Mineral Resources. Ministry of industry

Properties of elements was in Perry highlighted

the results of the analysis elements. And physical properties of minerals Perry Lite. The benefits can be split as follows:

Perry has highlighted elements silica (Si), which has the unique property of absorbing moisture. Make the side ambient moisture accumulates in plants to make more healthy plants. Drought resistance is in the structure of the cell wall. Reduces water loss And resistance to disease improves growth. Reduce the toxicity of manganese steel, alumina, titanium contained in the soil solution, too. Enhances the sweet cane with strong stems and reduce the rate of evaporation of water. Rice has made a vertical light well. The roots can get oxygen increases. Help optimize the use of nitrogen fertilizer, the better. Absorb phosphorus and nitrogen.

Perry has highlighted elemental aluminum (Al) and sodium (Na), sodium aluminosilicate minerals such as silicates. Has the ability to neutralize the pH. And can also absorb gases and organic compounds are good.

Perry Lite contains iron (Fe) in the process of breathing. And assist in the creation of chlorophyll in cooking plant. And as a supplement, which plants need small amounts.

Perry has highlighted the element potassium (K) shell made strong stems. Do not cut or broken down easy Helps process sugar and starch accumulation in plants. To help move the dough And sugar to various parts of the plant helps in cell division. Help plants better resistance to disease. The result is good flowering and fruiting. But if they are speeding up the flowering fruit trees, it makes it much decay and early death.

Purdue light water (H2O) as a solvent weld elements to saturated minerals. Useful plants It also provides moisture to the plant and nearby.

Physical condition

The airy, porous natural. When heated up, it will grow 5-20 times the porosity and are hollow. When mixed into the soil to make it spongy soil conditions. Can absorb odors, especially ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. This is a good fertilizer plant.

Strength makes it possible to stabilize the soil on the pressure well.

Since there is a uniform crystalline grain size equal to about 1? 2 mm. Made a pro and incoherent soil well and consistently. Virtual filter substances in the natural

state is a relaxed, natural insulation, heat accumulated during the day to plant and plant roots underground.

Additional information
น้ำหนัก10 kg