Potassium Humate


Concentrated humus Helped to shape the clay to loosen out. In sandy soil will absorb water, soil structure made of strong, corrosion resistant to leaching of water. Help the soil absorb water incoherent light, well-drained and airy. Plant roots spread easily Treatment of the acid – base does not change quickly.


– Allows the nutrients available in the soil. Changes in the plants to use it. Add the integrity of the nutrients in the soil.
– Connect clay particles to clump. And a good soil structure. Drain ventilation The soil absorbs water better.
– Stimulate cell division and cell enlargement. Most flowering plants grow bigger, faster results.
– Encourages root growth spread. Plants for good food
– To increase the germination rate of seeds. Healthy seedlings
– Increased respiratory rate Add photosynthesis
– Reduce stress due to nutrient imbalance. Toxic mineral dehydration or hot weather than cold.
– Stimulates water absorption Circulation within the plant cells Soil absorb more Reduce water loss from the soil.
– When decompose to release nitrogen, sulfur and micronutrients out to be beneficial to the plants slowly.
– In the case of improving soil conditions using soluble Potassium Humate 3 grams per 20 liters of water pouring to the ground.
– In the case of mixed fertilizer use Potassium Humate 1,000 grams pulverized, mixed with 100 kg of chemical fertilizer.
– In the case of compost manure mixed with compost, manure Potassium Humate 100 grams to 100 kilograms.
– When mixing liquid fertilizer mixed with bio-soluble Potassium Humate 1,000 grams to 100 liters of liquid fertilizer.

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