Microbial Control (MITE GA FUN)


Is a product of natural microorganisms That is not harmful to humans and the environment. The fungus Metarrhizium-spp With the ability to prevent and limit the termites. By storage in the form of spores when the spores fall to the surface of the termites. Then the tube (germ tube) to pierce the skin of fungi, insects inside Metarrhizium-hpp. The group will build fiber (mycelium) into the gastrointestinal (gut) and expanding the number is increasing. The fibers are broken into shorter pieces and destroy the organs in the insects, insect debilitating illness. Then death


How to use

Bacterial spore powder Metarrhizium-spp Sprinkle powdered spores throughout the corridor. Or where the termite infestation. Alternatively, use the spade or hoe drill nest sprinkle powdered spores Metarrhizium-spp termites to pass through and into contact with microorganisms. Metarrhizium-spp And contribute to the spread by touch and lick each other clean. The spores of microbes Metarrhizium-spp will gradually expand until it spread across the termite nest. When spores of microbes Metarrhizium-spp extend and get the right temperature, the moisture that is in the nest of termites. It will grow out and destroy the termites.

Powder microbial Metarrhizium-spp termite rate of 100 grams per 20 liters of water, spray around the area with termites, or spraying water on nursery seedling cultivation of vegetables, flowers, or the area under rubber trees. Fruit trees such as citrus groves, rambutan, durian, mango, Lagsad Wollongong, fruit, etc.

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